Supporting the Homeless

Elm House Surgery is proud to be collaborating with Bromley United Reformed Church (URC) in providing access to primary care services for the homeless.

We welcome registrations from patients who are homeless and will ensure individuals are treated with dignity and respect at all times. If you know of someone who is homeless in Bromley, who isn’t registered with a GP, then please encourage them to pop along and see us. We are happy to register homeless people without proof of identity or address.

From September 2019 Elm House Surgery will provide regular monthly clinics for the Homeless at Bromley URC. These clinics will be led by one of our doctors and one of our nurses who will offer simple health checks and advice. They will also assist service users in registering as patients where extra support is needed.

We are working with Bromley URC in providing outreach to vulnerable groups and supporting the 5000 Project. Originally set up as a support mechanism for the homeless, the 5000 Project has extended its function to work with those who have learning difficulties, mental health issues, substance misuse problems, or those who are socially isolated and may be in need of company.

The 5000 Project itself offers a weekly lunch at 12 noon every Monday. It also runs a ‘community café, art group and offers practical help, advice and guidance.

A drop-in advice service is facilitated in conjunction with the Bromley Homeless Shelter:

For more information about the Bromley 2000 Project, or to find out about volunteering opportunities, please click on the link below: